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Card Frame - Big
The routines possible with this framework are numerous and leave ample room for your imagination..
Crystal card frame by Astor
The magician makes a spectator to choose a card and put back in the bunch ago. Now, take a clear..
Super aquarium frame
The magician shows the audience a rectangular tube completely empty. You will pass your hand thr..
Backstage - With the elephant
The magician says to their audience to want to explain how the famous illusion in which an eleph..
Roped by Juan Pablo
Showing two pieces of rope that you are holding in your hands and in a moment viewers will see a..
Naked by Salvador Sufrate
Naked is a very smart idea to get a change of a visual and impressive card.    A car..
Juan Pablo - Bare hands bill production and others bill effects
" The thought of Juan Pablo is brilliant. 's Production of banknotes and its change are wonderfu..
Iguana by Juan Pablo
We are pleased to introduce "Iguana", another incredible idea of Juan Pablo.  Iguana is a ..
 Cash flow by Juan Pablo
We are pleased to introduce "Cash Flow", the quickest and visual exchange of a banknote never se..
Key kinetic
Show, held in the hand, a key gold metal retro style. Simply by using your index finger rotate, ..
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