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SOLOMAGIA - magic tricks

Ultimi Arrivi
X-act (red) by Mike Kirby
The buzz about this trick is phenomenal. When Mike sent me his idea for A Card At Any Number (ACA..
X-act (blue) by Mike Kirby
The buzz about this trick is phenomenal. When Mike sent me his idea for A Card At Any Number (ACA..
Woodlands Playing Cards
From Penguin Magic and designer Qiudi Zhang, Woodlands Playing Cards is a 100% custom deck that perf..
Win-A-Dollar by Mr. Magic
Want to get your audience's attention? This trick has audience participation and money - a sure winn..
Unlock by Morgan Strebler - DVD
Unlock any phone like a master hacker. The mobile phone has become such an integrated part of our..
Tunnel Vision by G Sparks
"Tunnel Vision creates new ways to appear, vanish and multiply a ball." TV IS LIKE A NEW SECR..
Thumb Flasher by Premium Magic
Create a spark of fire from your seemingly empty hand with this device. Gimmicked thumb tip supplied..
The Book of Luck: A Guide to Success, Fortune, Palmistry and Astrology by Whitman and Dover Publications - Book
Never walk under a ladder or cut your nails on a Sunday - but be on the lookout for four-leaved sham..
Steeplechase Park Playing Cards
Want a deck of cards and an homage to a great amusement park in one? Here it is! Designed by Jared H..
Spring Flower Bouquet 4 in 1 (Rolex) by Mr. Magic
Four brightly colored spring flowers to be used in a production from a production prop or body load...
Soorya's Mental Key
Here's a great mind-reading effect that can be used in virtually any setting. The Magician talks abo..
Premier Edition, Jetsetter Playing Cards in Altitude blue by Jetsetter Playing Cards
Inspired by casino and airline decks of the past, Jetsetter Playing Cards has produced the Premier E..
Phantom Burn by Alan Rorrison - DVD and Gimmick
Fire has been used in rituals and performances for centuries. It is associated with having mystical ..
P&L Phantom Tube (7") by P&L Magic
Considered to be one of the greatest and most perplexing production effects on the market. Manufactu..
P&L Chinese Sticks (Brass) by P&L Magic
These professional Chinese Sticks are constructed from 15" heavy brass featuring beautiful red tasse..
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