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Expanded shell - Half Dollar
The expanded coin shell is a very useful gimmick. There are infinite effects that can be achieved wi..
Cardistry Playing Cards - Colour
Excellent quality and modern style meet in these playing cards, and create the best mix for the ..
Cardistry Playing Cards - Turquoise
Excellent quality and modern style meet in these playing cards, and create the best mix for the ..
Green Visa Playing Cards
Now available for the first time - the long-awaited Green Visa Deck! This new deck of cards has ..
Tora Garden Flower
The magician shows a pedestal on which he makes a magic gesture with a wand and instantly, a flo..
Binary Playing Cards
The original inspiration for the design of the Binary playing cards comes from a single image, a..
Philtre Playing Cards
For you from Korea. Designed by PH, someone who has gained incredible fame for his extravagant visua..
Rope Slate
The magician presents a large black blackboard, empty on both sides. On one side of the blackboa..
Jean Hugard - Magia con la seta
192 pages - 102 drawings b / w.   This excellent manual, dating back to 1937, represents the ..
Insta-Snow Powder (100 grams)
Insta-Snow® Powder is the original fake snow polymer that turns ordinary water into a white fluffy ..
Bicycle - Lightning Playing Card
A great, dazzling deck with distinctive style.Every detail is simply amazing!   Lightning..
Bicycle - Lunar Eclipse Playing Cards
Bicycle Lunar Eclipse Playing Card, just as its name suggests, features Lunar eclipse this spect..
Chess Guess by Chris Ramsay
The 'Guess Which Hand' effect was popularized in 'Modern Coin Magic' in 1952. Ever since it has..
Flying Coins
The performer shows two little cups, and places in each one four coins. Without any suspicious m..
NOC Original Deck (Purple) Printed at USPCC by The Blue Crown
Secretly marked for suit, and Now Printed by USPCC! Since 2012, simplicity and elegance have ..
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